World PR Day

Dr T Vinay Kumar
National President
Public Relations Council of India

The Public Relations Council of India is happy and proud to join hands with the PR professionals of the World to celebrate the World PR Day. This is the second year of celebrations and 3500 people from the fraternity of 15 countries attended the first ever World PR Day last year. This year I am sure that the numbers will be much more.
The theme Truth, Trust and Transparency is very relevant in these changing and challenging times.
The main objective of this initiative is to help people, organisations and Governments to properly understand to communicate honestly and responsibly.
The entry of social media today has disrupted the traditional channels and strategies of communications.
Dramatic changes are taking place in terms of technology, new channels and new opportunities for communication.
The fact is that the success of social media communication relies heavily on the perceived authenticity of the content.
There is an increasing concern with trust and transparency in communication among the stakeholders.
The PR professionals have a very critical role in helping to manage trust while they communicate to key audience.
The era of ” we talk” “you listen ” style of communication is gone. Kelly Clint, a renowned PR consultant from US feels that the emergence of Social media has changed the way the consumers form opinions and make decisions.
So the indication is very clear.
Those who incorporate transparency in their communication can remain one step ahead in the world of competition and become the leader.

World PR Day
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